Pennsylvania - Concast Sales Representatives

PJ Martini & Associates

621 Ridgely Ave, Suite 305
Annapolis, MD 21401
Ph: 410-266-5323
Fax: 410-266-0852
E-mail: Leighann Watson

PJ Martini Company logo

TERRITORY: Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Washington DC, eastern Pennsylvania, and the southern tip of New York

East Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania county map of RW Chapman territory

Robert S. Howley Co.

1138 Chambers Road
Columbus, OH 43212
Ph: 614-488-5522
Fax: 614-488-5922
E-mail: Kati Bair

Robert S. Howley Co. logo

TERRITORY: Ohio, West Virginia and western Pennsylvania

West Pennsylvania

Western Pennsylvania map Robert S. Howley territory