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Pedestrian Rated Universal Flush Channel

Flush channels are designed for use where surrounding rock, asphalt, or concrete needs to be flush with the top of covers. Universal channels are generally used wherever an ell, tee, or cross is needed in a trench run. They are shipped with removable aluminum cover supports mounted to the top ledges. 

Adobe_pdf_logo Universal
Flush Ped. Channel
Channel ID
Channel ID*
AutoCAD_DWG_logo AutoCad
Library Block
801216F (10X10) 10 12 48 801216F (10X10)
802216F (20X20) 20 12 48 802216F (20X20)
802616F (24X24) 24 12 48 802616F (24X24)
803216F (30X30) 30 12 48 803216F (30X30)
804216F (40X40) 40 12 48 804216F (40X40)
885216F (50X50) 50 12 96 885216F (50X50)
*Flush depth measurement is from the top of the trench cover to the inside floor.

Cover Options:   Fibercrete  |   Steel Galvanized  |   Aluminum  |   Ventilated  |   Fiberglass