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Integrated Tunnel (IT) Box Pads

Concast's line of WindCast Fibercrete®  Box Pads are specifically designed to support 3-phase transformers for the wind industry.  They can also be used in other areas such as a solar collection field.  These boxes feature an integrated tunnel (IT).   It provides a more direct path for below-grade cable to travel from the turbine footings to the transformer than a standard box pad, so an IT box will ensure improved cable integrity. At time of order Concast must receive your transformer footprint drawing to ensure proper size and opening location. The drawing links below illustrate the range of openings and sizes available.  

Windcast Pad Length
(L x W)
FC-70-88-36-IT-LLWW(X) 70 88 36 LLWW (X)
FC-82-82-36-IT-LLWW(X) 82 82 36 LLWW (X)
FC-86-86-36-IT-LLWW(X) 86 86 36 LLWW (X)
FC-86-98-36-IT-LLWW(X) 86 98 36 LLWW (X)
FC-86-104-36-IT-LLWW(X) 86 104 36 LLWW (X)
FC-90-90-36-IT-LLWW(X) 90 90 36 LLWW (X)
FC-90-104-36-IT-LLWW(X) 90 104 36 LLWW (X)
FC-95-95-36-IT-LLWW(X) 95 95 36 LLWW (X)

If you need changes to any of the above box pads, print out and mark up the appropriate drawing from the chart above with your design requirements.   Email or fax it, and Concast will get back to you with recommendations.

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