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Pedestrian Rated Fibercrete® FH Handhole

Concast's line of Fibercrete®  handhole units are a great lightweight alternative when you need a small access box with no bottom. Our handhole units include a fibercrete cover with a textured surface. The covers have flush lifting rings built into them for easy handling. They also come with PentaHead locking capabilities to make your handhole units tamper-proof after they have been installed. The 18x30 size has ID Plates in the cover. FHSL handholes are identical except that they utilize SureLock bolts for maximum security.

Adobe_pdf_logo FH Handhole
W/PentaHead Bolts
Adobe_pdf_logo FHSL Handhole
W/SureLock Bolts
FH-18-18-12 FHSL-18-18-12 18 18 12 83
FH-18-18-18 FHSL-18-18-18 18 18 18 109
FH-18-30-12 FHSL-18-30-12 18 30 12 126
FH-18-30-18 FHSL-18-30-18 18 30 18 158
FH-18-30-24 FHSL-18-30-24 18 30 24 186
FH-24-36-12 FHSL-24-36-12 24 36 12 178
FH-24-36-18 FHSL-24-36-18 24 36 18 232
FH-24-36-24 FHSL-24-36-24 24 36 24 249
FH-24-36-30 FHSL-24-36-30 24 36 30 283

*If you need a non-standard FHR unit, print out and mark up the appropriate drawing from the chart above with your design requirements such as hole locations and optional accessories like extensions or ID Plates.