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Frequently Asked Questions

Fire button logo Is Fibercrete Flammable?

No, all Concast products are non-flammable.

UV Ray button logo Are Fibercrete® products susceptible to ultra violet damage?

No, UV does not affect Fibercrete®
Fibercrete is extremely strong and lightweight What is the main advantage of using Fibercrete® over conventional concrete?

Fibercrete® has a very high strength to weight ratio.

Shovel button logoWhat is the estimated labor time to install the Fibercrete®  Trench System?

There are many variables that dictate the length of time to install the trench system (i.e. weather, soil condition & size and type of trench), but a general rule would be 100 man hours per 150 ft of trench.  This time estimate includes excavation for the trench, leveling the trench bed, installation of the trench system, and then final backfill.

measuring tape button logo How do I know what size trench is needed for my project so that I am within NEC guidelines?

The same calculations used in figuring cable tray sizes can be used when figuring your Fibercrete Trench size

payment option button logo What sort of payment is accepted by Concast?

Visa, Master Card, PayPal, and existing credit accounts are all accepted by Concast.