About Fibercrete and Concast. Inc.

2023 Concast employee group photo taken at the company picnic

Our Mission: To provide a safe, friendly workplace; where together, we manufacture quality products to serve our customer's needs.

Our Vision: To continue the tradition of Concast and be a premier American manufacturer of top-quality products. Concast is committed to being the supplier of choice for precast concrete requirements for the electric utility industry. Concast will strive to maintain the image it has developed over the many years with its customers, sales reps, suppliers and employees as a company of excellence.

Our Values:

Our History: Old Concast sign left over from the Rosemount plant

Concast was founded in 1969 by Mr. Ben Tilsen; past owner and president. Ben was a concrete technologist known for his work in lightweight aggregates and fiber reinforced concrete. He and Concast, Inc. hold patents on material and design in these fields. The photo on the right is a sign remnant from the original Rosemount, MN plant.

Drawing from more than 50 years of research and experience, Concast has developed Fibercrete®, which is a proprietary blend of high strength concrete reinforced with special fibers and sometimes using steel reinforcement. Fibercrete makes possible the production of lightweight, thin-walled, precast concrete parts. These cutting edge products can replace more massive units built from ordinary, steel-reinforced concrete.

We are active members of the National Precast Concrete Association (NPCA), American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), and the American Concrete Institute (ACI). To ensure that we are continually supplying quality products, our plant is certified by the NPCA annually.

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View of the production facility in Zumbrota, MN - October 2022

View of the East production facility in Wanamingo, MN - October 2022

View of the new Polymer Concrete production facility in Wanamingo, MN - October 2022