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image. Photo of a small cosmetic patch being applied to a flat pad.
image. Photo of the Patch Kit Partially Unpacked from the Bucket that it is Delivered in.
image. Every Patch Kit includes Ardex compounds, a bucket, and a trowel, amongst other things.
image. Photo of the Complete Patch Kit.

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Patch Kits

Concast's offers two optional patch kits for small repairs to your concrete products. 

  • PK-1 patch kit is used for cosmetic repairs.  It comes complete with everything you need for small concrete repairs.
  • PK-2 is ideal fo patching holes in non-structural concrete sections.  The kit consists of a large Fibercrete®   patch sheet (1/2" thick by 12" sq.) which is cut to size, and then a construction adhesive or tapcon screws are used to attach the patch over the hole.

Patch Kit Kit Contents
PK-1 Bucket, patching compound, trowel
PK-2 Fibercrete sheet (1/2" x 12" x 12"). Sealant sold separately