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Pedestrian Replacement Aluminum Covers

Concast offers special aluminum covers to be used for a variety of applications including replacing covers used in existing trench runs.   The chart below lists some common sizes.

Aluminum Width
Rib Width
A2948(24) 29 48 24 38
A3348(28) 33 48 28 43
A3548(30) 35 48 30 46
A4124(36) 41 24 36 28
A4148(36) 41 48 36 54
A5124(46) 51 24 46 36
A5148(46) 51 48 46 69

*Rib width corresponds to channel inside width.

These charts depict some of Concast's more common custom pedestrian-rated trench covers. Other sizes, traffic ratings, and designs are available upon request.  Refer to our replacement cover sizing worksheet which is available in both a pdf file as well as a downloadable Excel spreadsheet if you are considering getting custom covers for an existing trench run. The worksheet is a great communication and planning tool.