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Light Traffic H-10 Rated Concrete Covers

Light raffic rated covers will support up to 16,000 lbs/axle load, which is an AASHTO H10 rating.  Concrete covers utilize threaded inserts for machine assisted lifting. Many other sizes and traffic ratings are available. 

H-10 Concrete Width
C2024-3 20 24 3 115
C2036-3 20 30 3 173
C2048-3* 20 48 3 231
C2072-3* 20 72 3 348
C2436-3 24 36 3 208
C2448-3* 24 48 3 278
C2472-3* 24 72 3 418
C3636-3 36 36 3 314

*Marked covers can achieve an H10 Light Traffic rating only if the narrower part of the cover spans the channel.

These charts depict some of Concast's more common custom traffic-rated trench covers. Other sizes, traffic ratings, and designs are available upon request.  Refer to our replacement cover sizing worksheet which is available in both a pdf file as well as a downloadable Excel spreadsheet if you are considering getting custom covers for an existing trench run. The worksheet is a great communication and planning tool.